International Research Workshop on Ubiquitous Services

Date & Time : 4th-5th December 2006 (1pm -1pm, evening networking dinner)

Venue : Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, London  location

We have managed to block book a small number of rooms and to reserve a room the telephone no. is +44(0)870 414 1516, booking reference MOBI041206. The deadline for room reservations is midnight on the 19th November.


This research workshop goes beyond a normal academic conference. As a by-invitation-only event, it is designed to bring together internationally-leading academic researchers in the emerging field of Ubiquitous Services with their research counterparts in Mobile VCE’s industrial member companies and other invited industry players, to share current thinking and to help shape future directions.
Novel approaches from Mobile VCE’s current research programme will be presented, as will complementary perspectives from different geographical and industry sectors. Scoping will include making services accessible to the user, intelligent service adaptation, and platform evolution to support ubiquitous services. The conference structure, including panel sessions and an evening dinner, are designed to stimulate informal interchange amongst the participants.

Programme    download pdf version

  1.00pm Welcome - Ubiquitous Services: Setting the Scene
Why are ubiquitous services important and what do we mean by them ?
Walter Tuttlebee, Chief Executive, Mobile VCE
  1:15 The role of Semantically enabled SOA in Next-Generation Context-Aware Services
[Brodie et al., 2005] outlines a comprehensive framework that integrates two complimentary and revolutionary technical advances, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Semantic Web, into a single computing architecture, that we call Semantically Enabled Service-Oriented Architecture (SESA). While SOA is widely acknowledged for its potential to revolutionize the world of computing, that success depends on resolving two fundamental challenges that SOA does not address, integration, and search or mediation. In a services-oriented world, billions of services must be discovered and selected based on requirements, then orchestrated and adapted or integrated. SOA depends on but does not address either search or integration.

This talk introduces some ideas on SESAs potential role for Ubiquitous Services, as well as the potential role of Ubiquitous Services for SESA, with a focus on aspects of context-awareness
Prof Thomas Strang, Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI)
  1.45 Moving Beyond Content: Service Adaptation
What is the content and what is the service ?
Having defined this, how s we set about the process of service adaptation management ?
Dr Klaus Moessner & Prof Rahim Tafazolli, University of Surrey
  2.15 Networking break
  2.45 Supporting the User – Concepts and Architectures
An introduction to the Personal Assistant Agent and Personal Content Manager concepts and their role in supporting the user and his personal distributed environment
Dr James Irvine, University of Strathclyde
  3.15 The Contextphone Concept on the Nokia Series 60 Smart Phone
Some first steps in introducing context awareness in the real world.
What are the lessons to be learned ?
Mika Raento, University of Helsinki
  3.45 Panel & Participant Debate: “Making Money: Ubiquitous Services that create User Value & Operator Rev
Services that are not easy-to-use will not be used – unused services do not yield revenue !
Is the future of services ‘the long tail’ - a basket of individualised services ?
Chairman: Stephen Wolak, Vodafone
  5.30 Close
  7pm DAY ONE, EVENING: Networking Dinner
  8.30am Welcome to DAY TWO: Evolving the Platform
New services, without new investment in infrastructure – an impossible operator’s dream ?
So, ….how do we approach the goal of creating a new world of ubiquitous services ?
Stewart Fallis, BT
  9.00 What is Content, What is Service, What is Application ?
Somethin’ Else is delivering multi-platform, non-linear, content/services today to broadcasters and telecom operators, including User Generated Content and more. Paul Bennun will share his insights into how such content/service/applications could evolve.
Paul Bennun, Director of Strategy, Somethin’ Else
  9.30 Service Platform Approaches for Context Aware Ubiquitous Services
A perspective on service platform evolution to support ubiquitous services
Dr Hendrik Berndt, NTT DoCoMo EuroLabs
  10.00 Networking break
  10.30 Delivering Ubiquitous Services over Heterogeneous Networks
An explanation of the network support sublayer concept, that will support cost effective evolution of existing IP infrastructures to support new cross-network ubiquitous services
Prof Hamid Aghvami, Kings College, London
  11.00 Panel & Participant Debate: “Identifying the Platform Options and Trade-Offs to support Ubiquitous S
Do the approaches described mesh together into a logical evolutionary framework ?
How do short-, medium and long-term requirements and technology possibilities interact ?
How do differing regulatory and competitive landscapes in different regions impact evolution ?
Chair: Stephen Hope, France Telecom / Orange
  1.00pm Meeting close


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