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5 Oct 2011 - 4:34pm

Catch up on VCE's research in 2011 at the RSA tomorrow afternoon - members and invited guests. Updated from the Green Radio, User Interactions & Instant Knowledge programmes, as well as perspectives on the opportunities offered by the UK-China Science Bridge and the importance and impact of industrial vision & research on industry & society.  See you there...

13 Sep 2011 - 8:16am

23rd September, at the BIS Conference Centre in Westminster, offers an opportunity for all to listen in, and feed back, on the recent work of VCE's Industrial Visions team. Senior staff from several of our member companies will present overviews of important technology themes that are seen as key enablers of the future. We will also be inviting wider views and encouraging debate, to help shape future R&D for the global industry. (The VCE Industry Visions Group has an impressive track record, as you may see from the Vision area of the VCE website. Inter alia, it developed the concept of Green Radio in 2007, before it was on the industry radar; VCE's "Visions of 4G" paper, published in December 2000, previewed all the key elements of today's systems a decade in advance).

Come and contribute your views. The event is being co-organised with the ICT Knowledge Transfer Network, and is now open for registration - but please register soon as spaces are likely to fill up quickly.

31 Jul 2011 - 12:22am
Digital services & markets, such as app stores, seem a quite modern innovation, and yet, as they say, there is nothing new under the sun.  How should established players react or, better, respond ?  
VCE's "User Interactions for Breakthrough Services" programme is exploring a future world of dynamically composable services, services which envisage an ecosystem more complex than today, where the user could make use of, not just a mobile phone, but also a range of wireless-enabled sensors, public interactive displays, gesture, temperature, haptic and pressure input/output capabilities. 

Yet this world, too, will build upon the same principles and constraints of today's digital services & markets - capabilities and features such as platforms, generativity and control points. Similar tensions will exist between market players. Design of the system architecture will determine who can and who cannot exert control. On VCE's new YouTube channel you can find a series of...

26 Jul 2011 - 7:50am

All our member companies, universities and observers are welcome in London tomorrow morning, 27th July, to celebrate the CEO's birthday one day early... and to hear about the first 60 days of VCE's transition.

We'll be covering progress on all fronts - updates on the industrial vision, the research - 'delivering more, faster, impact', innovation & application - with specific examples, opportunity for some breakout sessions and finishing with lunch and some demos. Several of VCE's partners are attending and will talk about how they have been, and will be, working with VCE to assist our transition. You can check out the detailed Agenda at - lots to look forward to.

Included amongst the lunchtime demos will be a chance, especially for those of you who didn't make it to VCE's recent Innovation Showcase event, to see the User Experience capture & analysis tool, which we blogged about last month (see the 24th June entry).  Take a look at the video - if you think you might have an application to use a tool like this, please email us and we'll put you in touch with the folk who are working...

15 Jul 2011 - 8:34pm

VCE's Green Radio workshop at the recent Wireless Innovation Forum conference in Brussels addressed a range of important themes, clearly acting as a catalyst for large scale knowledge transfer and collaboration between academia and industry.

In addition to inputs from the VCE participants, the challenges around Heterogeneous network deployments were highlighted by VTT, whilst NSN results from real deployments showed the complexity of evolving existing infrastructure, blending both small cell and wide area coverage, and indicated that there is still room for more innovation in the Power Amplifier stages of basestations. Representatives from the EU...

13 Jul 2011 - 7:58pm

It's been great to see how fast the new VCE LinkedIn group has been growing over the past week.
Please help it go viral !

We really want to get the word out, so we can use the group effectively to seed, explore and debate together a range of key topics around the wireless/digital/services/applications/RI&A etc. There's a whole range of important issues and events coming up over the next while - building upon some of the topics we've already been blogging about, but going beyond - where we want to engage the industrial, academic and government communities, not just in the UK but also further afield.

Please help the Mobile VCE LinkedIn group go viral...

  • If you're on LinkedIn, please join the group, by searching for 'Groups', 'VCE Virtual Centre of Excellence...
9 Jul 2011 - 8:35pm

This past week saw the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) host an over-subscribed industry workshop in London, to explore the viability of establishing a Technology & Innovation Centre (TIC) under the banner of a 'Future Internet Systems TIC'. Mike Short of Telefonica, Nick Wainwright of HP Labs and TSB's Nick Appleyard presented perspectives of the 'Future Internet' enabling other industry sectors - a vision of transforming the energy, healthcare, transport and other industries. Such an evolution, previously explored in some of VCE's past papers and presentations, is not simple and certainly involves more than just technology & innovation. The impact however promises to be momentous, if such a vision could be realised.

Issues of Change
Let us consider recent and ongoing change in one of these sectors, as an example...
* Regulation & Markets - driven by the need to reduce CO2 emissions, regulation is demanding a move from selling more, to selling more intelligently, portending some major market shifts
* Customers - moving from a passive charging relationship with end users, to a dynamic customer interaction, to influence...

1 Jul 2011 - 5:25pm

Latest thinking on mobile business models will be presented via a series of videos which outline the key principles in a clear, concise and entertaining way at next week's User Interactions Industrial Steering Group, hosted by Orange Labs in Chiswick on Tuesday 5th July.

The work of this programme goes beyond the humble mobile phone, relevant to any connected device enabled to access personalised services as the user moves through his day. The day will also consider device ecologies, service composability and awareness, and will discuss demonstration capabilities.

Details available at

28 Jun 2011 - 8:16am

Yesterday saw the official opening of the innovITS ADVANCE facility near Coventry, a unique test capability for  intelligent mobility -

Some 6 years ago or more VCE worked with UK Government to establish innovITS and has supported their Board over the years, as it secured multi-million pound funding to establish this world leading facility. Advanced realtime modelling and RF processing allows a vehicle to experience position-related multipath GPS reception as it drives around the test track, experiencing simulation of driving through a city or other (programmable) environment ... now all we need to do is work with innovITS and Ofcom to do the same with LTE !  There is some real potential here, which VCE is keen to make available to the global industry.  We will say some more about this at our members' day on 27th July.

Yesterday also saw the start of the Cambridge Wireless' 2011 Future of Wireless International Conference which this year is exploring "Networks Under Stress" - the opportunity of success. The conference dinner in the evening was attended by delegates from over 20 countries and addressed by the...

24 Jun 2011 - 10:30am

... just install the software, deploy, capture & analyse live field data - easy, cheap & accurate.  

This week's Innovation Showcase showed a live demo on an Android Nexus One, to record, replay & analyse user interactions with the device. Running in the background, the software can support live, in-the-field, monitoring of a large user base at low cost. It enables phone designers to capture detailed information to analyse how a product is actually used with great accuracy, and to explore its reception by different types of users - previously expensive and perhaps impractical.



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