The Value of Industrial Vision

Seeing the Big Picture

The Industrial Members companies of the Virtual Centre work together to provide shared leadership, visions and steering of its activities, creating opportunities and value for all.  The Industrial Visions process forms a key element of this process.  

  • Most companies have internal foresight or future visions activities, but every company sees the world from their own perspective. Participation in the Industrial Visions group helps companies explicitly recognise this and look beyond.
  • It provides a diversity of perspective, though the participation of senior staff from across the membership - in terms of geography, industrial culture and value chain/web
  • It is wholly comprised of Industrial representatives, with one exception - the group is chaired an internationally respected elder statesman from the Academic Community, in order to provide clear independence.
  • It allows member companies to appreciate emerging developments from outside their own field-of-view which will impact their future (often not obvious from within their own company)
  • It allows the group to synthesise new possible futures, which are often more than the sum of the parts.

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